Excellence and expertise based on seven decades of experience

Carmel Metal specializes in smart engineering solutions of metal parts production for the Commercial, Defense, and Aerospace industries. Boasting a track record of over 70 years, we take pride in sharing our deep Engineering knowledge with our clients every step of the way – from initial thinking to final planning and production.

Innovative one-stop-shop adding value in every step

We take pride in our out-of-the-box solutions, saving money while adding value to our clients throughout the entire process. Our professional end-to-end solutions are based on expertise in Metal Technology and Engineering, helping resolve difficult planning challenges to ensure timely, serial or custom production of the highest quality.

Soaring high with advanced Titanium products for Aerospace

Recognized for our expertise in Titanium, combined advanced Aerospace-grade production and welding capabilities, we deliver highest quality Titanium products in compliance with the strictest Aerospace industry standards.

Bringing quality and reliability to a wide range
of industrial applications


Smart design solutions for mass production of metal components for multiple verticals, including electricity, automotive, energy, water and medicine


Experts in deep drawing, manufacturing complex components for advanced military systems


Sophisticated engineering solutions using advanced metals through deep drawing manufacturing processes

Engineering the cutting edge of metal technologies


Trusted by industry-leading partners

Build to Spec and Build to Print solutions
in partnership with DEGEL.US

DEGEL.US specializes in project management and engineering leadership, delivering high-quality engineering solutions for a wide range of projects, with a particular focus on security industries. This is achieved by deploying a professional and experienced engineering team. Together we offer the most advanced solution.

Sustainability through ESG and Impact Investing

Carmel Metal is located at Ziporit, a green industrial zone in Northern Israel. As an equal opportunity employer, our employees come from diverse sectors of Israeli society. All our production processes have no known harmful effect on environmental, with up to 50% of our electricity deriving from renewable energy sources.

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