Excellence and expertise based on seven
decades of experience

Carmel Metal specializes in smart engineering solutions of metal parts production for the Civilian, Defense, and Aerospace industries.
Boasting a track record of over 70 years, we take pride in sharing our deep Engineering knowledge with our clients every step of the way
– from the initial thinking phase to final planning and production – in order to continuously improve quality and shorten time to market.

Our advanced solutions accommodate both serial and highly customized production, supporting both “build to spec” and “build to print”
manufacturing processes, in compliance with the strictest industry standards. Carmel Metal employs professionals and experts in multiple
disciplines, including different fields of engineering, operations, planning, and quality control – all trained and highly motivated to see you
through every challenge that lies ahead


Carmel Metal has expanded recently its collaboration with DEGEL.US, offering Build to Spec and Build to Print solutions tailored to customer needs.

DEGEL.US specializes in project management and engineering leadership, delivering high-quality engineering solutions for a wide range of projects,

with a particular focus on military industries. This is achieved by deploying a professional and experienced engineering team.

Our Five Pillars


Leadership and expertise to guide the company forward

About Iris Avraham Alon


As CEO of Carmel Metal, Iris has been at the forefront of the company’s success
since 2021. She brings with her over 30 years of global management experience
holding executive positions at Pratt & Whitney, where she gained her managerial expertise in complex Aerospace production processes, advanced quality control, large-scale R&D projects, and the incorporation of new methodologies to drive quality with uncompromising efficiency.

With an eye toward the future

“At Carmel Metal, we understand that your journey to excellence is laced with challenges to constantly improve quality and operational efficiency using cutting-edge technologies. As part of our long-standing commitment to your success, we see ourselves as your trusted partner, always striving to add value, quality, and speed by extending our passion for innovation backed by our proven experience and expertise in planning and production.”

Iris Abraham Alon, CEO

For strategic collaborations please contact me: iris@m-carmel.com

The Founders

Carmel Metal was founded in 1954 by Irwin Singer as a factory specializing in the production of metal products and tools. Later, under the leadership of Irwin’s daughter and son-in-law, Zahava and Eran Mor, the company made significant investments in an extensive range of technologies as part of its strategy to continuously improve production capacity and capabilities while maintaining the highest quality products and service. This forward-thinking approach transformed Carmel Metal into one of Israel’s leading and most advanced metal processing and manufacturing plants, serving diverse sectors and industries.

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