A long-standing tradition of metal technologies expertise

Carmel Metal specializes in hot and cold forming, and implements a wide range of metal processing technologies and procedures to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.

Metal Injection Molding

What is MIM?

Unique process using injection molding that enables the creation of metal parts in nearly any shape while maintaining geometric freedom, like plastic injection molding but with the hardness and exceptional load-bearing properties of metals.

This technology allows for the injection of a wide range of materials tailored to customer needs.

Capacity and Capabilities

High-volume rapid production of small and extremely precise metal parts up to 100mm in size with a tolerance of 0.03mm, without the need for machining.

Uses and benefits

Our MIM technology provides a wide range of solutions for medical, military, and consumer goods industries.

The ability to produce complex geometric parts in a single operation minimizes material waste and costs.

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