A long-standing tradition of metal technologies expertise

Carmel Metal specializes in hot and cold forming, and implements a wide range of metal processing technologies and procedures to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.


What is Spinning

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Spinning is an advanced metalworking process that uses CNC machines to shape metals into precise and complex forms. The process involves rotating a metal blank at high speed while applying pressure with a spinning tool to shape the metal into the desired form, from cylindrical to conical shapes and beyond.

Greater precision and consistency

At Carmel Metal, we leverage the precision and efficiency of CNC machines to create metal components with superior accuracy and consistency compared to manual methods. Our advanced CNC machines are controlled by computers that use numerical data to execute specific movements of cutting or spinning tools. This allows us to achieve precise tolerances and high repeatability, resulting in reduced waste and faster production times.

Uses and benefits

Our CNC Spinning capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of complex metal parts and components for industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, and automotive. From specialized domes used in missiles to cones or cylinders used in medical devices and automobiles, our CNC machines allow us to deliver unmatched efficiency, quality, and cost savings to our clients.

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