A long-standing tradition of metal technologies expertise

Carmel Metal specializes in hot and cold forming, and implements a wide range of metal processing technologies and procedures to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.



What is Sub-assemblies

Sub-assembly refers to a group of individual parts or components that are assembled together to form a larger part or component of a final product. This allows for greater flexibility in production as sub-assemblies can be manufactured and tested independently before being brought together for final assembly, reducing the risk of defects and improving overall quality.

Customized and Scalable Assembly Capabilities

Carmel Metal’s assembly capabilities are customized and scalable to support serial manufacturing while meeting specific client requirements and complying with the highest industry standards and quality assurance protocols, such as AS9100 used in aerospace. We operate a variety of machinery and equipment for sub-assembly production, including 4 stop welding machines (30-to-80 KVA), 5 TIG & MIG welding machines, 1 ARC welding machine, and 1 Riveting machine.

Our new aerospace welding department specializes in producing complex and precise components that meet the specific requirements of aerospace and defense specs.


Efficiency and Cost-Effective Production

Our sub-assemblies help reduce manufacturing time and costs, as they can be produced in larger quantities and then used in multiple final products, resulting in greater efficiency and economies of scale. This also allows for faster production and delivery times.


Carmel Metal’s sub-assemblies are commonly used in the manufacturing of complex components found in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. With our advanced assembly capabilities and commitment to quality, we are able to deliver exceptional sub-assemblies that meet and exceed client expectations.

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